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<br /> <br />A Joint Agency <br />City of Thousand Oaks/Conejo Recreation and Park District <br />2100 E. Thousand Oaks Blvd., Thousand Oaks, CA 91362 <br /> (805) 449-2100 (805) 495-6471 <br /> <br />TO: Board of Directors <br /> <br />FROM: Director Nickles <br /> <br />DATE: September 11, 2019 <br /> <br />SUBJECT: Nomination of Public Member to COSCA Board of Directors <br /> <br />RECOMMENDATION: <br />Having reviewed the applications and conducted interviews for the subject position, it is <br />recommended that Ms. Rorie Skei be appointed to serve as the Public Board Member. <br />Ms. Skei has many years of public service experience, including with COSCA, the Santa <br />Monica Mountains Conservancy, and the Mountains Recreation and Conservation <br />Authority. Her experience and knowledge will continue to be a tremendous asset to the <br />agency and the community. <br />While there were a number of applicants interested in serving on the COSCA Board, Ms. <br />Skei was most suitable for the task. Several applicants exhibited skill sets, community <br />involvement, and overall interest that could be valuable to COSCA in the future. It was a <br />pleasure to meet and interact with all of the applicants, as well as learn more about their <br />backgrounds and passion for the open space resources in our community. <br />BACKGROUND: <br />The Conejo Open Space Conservation Agency (COSCA) was created through a Joint <br />Exercise of Powers Agreement (JPA) between the City of Thousand Oaks (City) and the <br />Conejo Recreation and Park District (CRPD) on October 18, 1977. Article VI of the JPA <br />(Exhibit A) states that the COSCA Board of Directors shall consist of two (2) City Council <br />members, two (2) CRPD Board of Directors members and one (1) private citizen who <br />resides within the boundaries of the City or District. The private citizen member must be <br />nominated by the other four (4) members of the COSCA Board, and then appointed by <br />mutual agreement of the legislative bodies of the City and CRPD. <br />Board member terms are four years. Rorie Skei served as the private citizen on the <br />COSCA Board of Directors and her formal term ended on July 1, 2019. Article VI of the <br />JPA states that, “members of the Board shall serve…until their respective successors are <br />appointed and qualified.” As such, Ms. Skei will remain in the public member seat until