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<br />1 <br />CONEJO OPEN SPACE CONSERVATION AGENCY <br />BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING <br /> <br />May 8, 2019 <br />Civic Arts Plaza Board Room <br />2100 Thousand Oaks Boulevard <br /> <br />SUMMARY MINUTES <br /> <br /> <br />1. CALL TO ORDER AND FLAG SALUTE: <br />Chair Skei called the meeting to order at 6:00 a.m. and led the Flag Salute in the <br />Board Room, 2100 Thousand Oaks Boulevard, Thousand Oaks, California. <br />2. ROLL CALL: <br />Director Bill-de la Peña, Vice-Chair Huffer, Director Jones, Director Nickles, and <br />Chair Skei present. <br />Also present were: <br />Conejo Recreation and Park District (CRPD) General Manager Friedl, Deputy City <br />Manager/Human Resources Director Rogers, Community Development Deputy <br />Director Gilli, Assistant City Attorney Liberman, CRPD Park Superintendent <br />Kouba, Community Development Department Operations Manager Behzadi, <br />Senior Civil Engineer Mashiko, Assistant Planner Huber, Community Development <br />Analyst Jansen, Recording Secretary Goor, COSTAC Chair Bacharach, and <br />COSF Board Member Haggan. <br />3. PUBLIC COMMENTS: <br />Speaker/Written Statements: None. <br />4. PRESENTATIONS AND ANNOUNCEMENTS: <br />A. CRPD Park Superintendent Kouba and Conejo Open Space Foundation <br />President Brian Stark provided a Ranger Presentation and Certificate of <br />Appreciation, and the following were introduced: Ranger Nick Ferarri; <br />Ranger Ryan Stead; Ranger Kari Stav; Ranger Rick Bertilson; Ranger Sean <br />Smith; Open Space Technician Michael McGurk; Contract Staff Joe Neary; <br />and Lead Park Ranger Bruce Pace. <br />Speaker: Phoebe Robertson, Thousand Oaks.